Internet Safety -- Protecting Our Children

Adults ONLY! December 6th, 7pm

Hosted By: Human Concerns & Social Justice Committee, Church of Saint Anselm, 1028 Wayside Rd, Tinton Falls, NJ 07712 (732-493-4411)

Presented by:
FBI Agent John Robertson
Intelligence Division, NYC

It’s 2017, do you know where your children are ... online? A vast majority of parents are unaware of the threats online and what apps and sites to be avoided. Sexual predators, human traffickers, cyberbullies know how to entice and lure kids, from all social and economic backgrounds, and will exploit them.

Come and learn why sending, posting, sharing photos, is dangerous if not properly managed. Learn about revenge posts. Understand the importance of having open and frank communication with your children; otherwise, a predator will be sympathetic to them.

During Agent Robertson professional career, he has worked white collar crimes, mob cases, and for 5 years crimes against children. Today he works in intelligence, which includes crimes against children as it relates to online predators. The presented information can be graphic at times but is necessary to illustrate the gravity of the situation at large. Please attend with an open mind, and ready with your questions.

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