Liturgy - Children's Liturgy of the Word Catechists

Children's Liturgy of the Word Catechists


Schedule Receive the schedule via email or US mail
Find a replacement if you cannot serve

Request a substitute through the electronic scheduler if you have access to it.  If a reasonable amount of time passes and no one responds, start phoning other catechists.

Telephone other catechists who until you find a replacement

If you find a replacement, inform Kayde in the office
(732-493-4411 or [email protected]) with the replacement’s name

If you can’t find a replacement, inform the Mass Coordinator

Arrival time and preparation

Arrive 15 minutes before 9:00am Mass begins

Initial your name on the Children's Liturgy of the Word Schedule (bulletin board in foyer)

Inform the Mass Coordinator (Sandy) that you have arrived

Lectionary Retrieve the Lectionary for the Children's Liturgy of the Word from the Sacristy
Assembling the children

Move to the front of  the Worship Area with the Lectionary after the Opening Prayer concludes and the Presider invites children to attend the Children’s Liturgy of the Word

As children leave their seats and start to gather, hold the Lectionary high and proceed down the center aisle to the Chapel

Children process behind you

Conducting the liturgy of the word

Moment of reflection

Light the candle

Read both Old Testament & New Testament

Teach appropriate responses to the readings

Reflect on readings

Concluding the liturgy of the word

A Minister of hospitality will let you know when the congregation begins the Profession of Faith

You have about 5 minutes to wrap up and line up children

As the children gather at the door, direct them down the foyer to the main aisle and ask them to wait quietly

Returning to the worship area Direct the children to return to their seats after the offertory gifts are taken up the aisle