Liturgy - Christophers




Receive the schedule via email or US mail

Look for your name in the Bulletin the week before

Find a replacement if you cannot serve

Request a substitute through the electronic scheduler if you have access to it

If a reasonable amount of time passes and no one responds, start phoning other Christophers

Telephone other Christophers until you find a replacement

If you find a replacement, inform Kayde in the office
(732-493-4411 or [email protected]) with the replacement’s name

If you can’t find a replacement, call a Christopher who is scheduled for that Mass to let them know you won’t be there

Duties of “first” Christopher

Call each Christopher on the schedule by Thursday to remind each of them that they are on for the upcoming Sunday

On Sunday morning, after the Recessional, you will lead the Christopher team in a short prayer in the Chapel

Assemble at the altar

At the conclusion of Mass, come toward the Altar when the Presider calls the Christophers forward for a blessing

Receive the pyx from the Presider

Recessional procession Sequence of procession is:
  1. Altar Servers
  2. Christophers
  3. Lector #2 with Book of Gospels
  4. Deacon (if present)
  5. Presider
Process to the chapel for a prayer
Coordinate Visits

First Christopher coordinates the visitation sites with the others

Call people on the visitation list to determine whether they are up for a visit, with the exception of the Long-Term Care Facilities (for example, Imperial Care)

Reassemble and "load balance" visits based on the telephone calls

Prepare for the Visit

Check the number of hosts you have; if not enough or need a larger pyx, go to the tabernacle and/or sacristy

Take along bulletins and other reading materials that Sandy might have

Take cards on occasion

During the visit

Be with the person being visited, and "meet them where they are at" for the day

Use your book of prayers, but be flexible based on the needs of the person being visited

Listen with your heart; be the hands of God


Return unused consecrated hosts to the tabernacle

Return the pyx to the sacristy