Liturgy - Ministers of Hospitality

Ministers of Hospitality



Receive the hospitality ministry schedule via email or US mail

Look for your name in the Bulletin the week before

Find a replacement if you cannot serve

Request a substitute through the electronic scheduler if you have access to it.  If a reasonable amount of time passes and no one responds, start phoning other ministers.

Telephone other hospitality ministers who typically serve at that Mass until you find a replacement

If you find a replacement, inform Kayde in the office
(732-493-4411 or [email protected]) with the replacement’s name

If you can’t find a replacement, call a hospitality minister who is scheduled for that Mass to let them know you won’t be there

Arrival time and preparation

Arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass

Wear your name tag (and return it when Mass concludes)

Sign in with your initials on the weekly schedule on the bulletin board

Before Mass begins

Extend a warm and friendly greeting to all who enter

Give a worship aid to all who enter

Recruit 3 people to bear the gifts: Bread, wine, and book of intentions

Ask those who might be unable to leave their seats (the elderly, people in wheelchairs or on crutches) if they want Communion brought to them.  If yes, inform Minister of the Bread.

Requests for assistive listening devices

Find listening devices on the left hand side of the counter in the Sacristy

Ask the person for their car keys as security

Noise control when processional begins

Close the door to the Learning Center

Close the door to the classroom hallway if activities are taking place

Seating late comers

Do not allow anyone to enter the worship area during the Opening Prayers, the Readings and Gospel (including the Psalm), and the Eucharistic Prayer

If the Mass is crowded, direct late comers to a seat, avoiding the seats behind the altar and choir if possible

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
(9:00am on Sunday)

Inform the Catechist in the Chapel when the Profession of Faith begins

As the children gather at the door, direct them down the foyer to the main aisle and ask them to wait quietly

Direct the children to return to their seats after the offertory gifts are taken up the aisle

Offertory baskets During mass, one minister consolidates the offertory envelopes and cash into one basket and brings the donations to the office or to the counters
Book of intentions Before the intercessions begin, a minister near the main entrance brings the book of intentions to the Offertory table in the foyer
Communion flow

Start the flow for Communion when the Presider distributes the body of Christ to the Eucharistic Ministers

Hold back individuals at the bottom of the main aisle until the Presider comes around the front of the altar toward his position

Invite those in the Learning Center to join for Communion before the center aisle has been invited 

Final duties when Mass concludes

Hand out weekly bulletins as congregants exit

Realign chairs in worship area

Pick up worship aids left on worship area chairs

Extinguish candles, turn off lights after all Masses except Sunday 9:00am