Liturgy - Ministers of the Eucharist

Ministers of the Eucharist



Receive the ministry schedule via email or US mail

Look for your name in the bulletin the week before

Find a replacement if you cannot serve

Request a substitute through the electronic scheduler if you have access to it.  If a reasonable amount of time passes and no one responds, start phoning other ministers.

Telephone other ministers who typically serve at that Mass until you find a replacement

If you find a replacement, inform Kayde in the office
(732-493-4411 or [email protected]) with the replacement’s name

If you can’t find a replacement, call a minister who is scheduled for that Mass to let them know you won’t be there

Arrival time and preparation

Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start of Mass

Sign in with your initials on the schedule (on bulletin board)

First person listed on the schedule is the “Minister of Bread” the others are “Ministers of the Cup”

If you arrive after the gathering prayer has taken place, assume that a replacement for you has been found and you will not be serving

Before Mass begins First EM to arrive, ensure everything is in place:
  • Offertory table: (foyer) bread and wine
  • Credence table:
    • Tray covered with purificator
      • Large chalice
      • 4 smaller cups
      • 5 Purificators
      • 1 cruet with water
    • Bowl with flask containing water and purificator on top of flask
    • 1 extra purificator on Credence table shelf
    • 9:00 am - 5 pyxes on the purificator-covered glass platter
Prepare for Communion

At the Sign of Peace, the Minister of Bread goes to the Tabernacle to bring forth previously-consecrated hosts

At the beginning of the “Lamb of God”, the Ministers of Cup assemble the altar

All ministers discreetly sanitize their hands with waterless sanitizer located on the table behind the support beam near instruments

Receiving the Precious Body and Blood

The Presider administers the Body of Christ to the Minister of the Bread

The Minister of the Bread, after receiving from the Presider, offers the Precious Blood to EMs and altar servers, unless a deacon is present, in which case, the deacon distributes the Precious Blood to the EMs

Administering the Precious Body and Blood

Minister of the Bread stands to the left of the Presider

Ministers of the Cup stand off to either side of the Presider and the Minister of the Bread

If a deacon is present, he is the “5th” cup and administers the Precious Blood from the Chalice.  Do not be alarmed by the third cup on one side.

When you are administering, say: “The Body of Christ” or “The Blood of Christ” and nothing more

Do not allow anyone to dunk the Body of Christ into the cup

If the Precious Blood is fully consumed, the Minister of the Cup takes the cup to the credence table and places their purificator across the cup

Wiping the Cup

Fully open (unfold) the purificator

When someone partakes of the cup, wipe inside and outside the cup rim

Turn the cup after each sip, and use clean areas of the purificator

Serving the Bread to congregants at their seats

Hospitality Ministers inform the Minister of the Bread if a congregant cannot walk to the altar and needs the Bread served to them at their seat

Minister of the Bread waits for the Presider to consolidate consecrated bread and then serves it to those in their seats

Do not serve the Precious Blood to those in their seats 

Handling delicate situations regarding the cup

If someone drinks the Precious Blood and has a noticeable mouth sore, cold, or flu, DO NOT continue to serve from that cup

Return the cup to the credence table, cover the cup with the purificator, and return to your seat

After Mass, inform the Presider that a cup requires special attention

Precious Blood is spilled on the floor

Cover the spill with the purificator, and stand in front of the purificator so that no one steps on it

Get the extra purificator from the shelf of the credence table and use it to continue to serve from the cup

After Mass, use water to clean the area and use the purificator that was covering it

Sacred Host is dropped on the floor Pick up the Host and consume it or give to the Presider to consume
Administering to the choir All Eucharistic Ministers remain in position until the choir members have received (unless your cup has been emptied)
Handling remaining Precious Blood

When Communion concludes, return all cups to the credence table

Do not consume the Precious Blood while you are standing at the credence table

Drape your purificator over your cup to cover it whether or not Precious Blood remains

Do not stuff the purificator into the cup (causes too much staining)

After Mass concludes

Consume the remaining Precious Blood.  Do this reverently as this is the Precious Blood of Christ.

If there is too much Precious Blood to consume, see the Mass Coordinator, Deacon, or Presider to assist in the consumption

Purify the cups and Chalice


Each Eucharistic Minister who served at Mass is responsible for cleanup and preparing for the next Mass

You are exempt from cleanup if you have a conflict with another ministry assignment (for example, an EM who is also a Christopher serving at the 9am Mass)

After 9:00am Mass, EMs prepare for the next Mass: set out the wine and bread on the Offertory table

After the last Mass of the day, store all vessels in the Sacristy