Giving Tree

Giving Tree 2019

During this Advent season, it's time for us to share the true Christmas spirit, the love and generosity Jesus has for all of us, with some less fortunate members of our community.

Each foyer in our church has a basket laden with tags. Each tag denotes a gift for a specific individual, with information to help you purchase a suitable gift for that individual. This may include an age, size, and sometimes a gift idea.

Please select one or more tags. For each tag you take, we count on you to:

  • purchase the gift,
  • wrap it (unless stated otherwise),
  • attach the tag to the gift (so it gets to the designated recipient), and
  • put it on the appropriate table (matching the tag shape) in the auditorium.

All gifts must be put in the auditorium by Sunday, December 8, at 11am.

Please return an appropriate gift for every tag you take! This may the only gift your recipient will receive this Christmas.

(If you buy a doll for a child, remember that most children we're gifting to are African American.)

Questions? Please call Michele Fratterolo at 732-768-2361, or e-mail her at [email protected]

Thank you, and God bless you, for your generosity.