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Pope Francis at Ground Zero

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 9/26/15

Pope's prayer at Ground Zero   Pope Francis at Ground Zero Pope Francis' prayer at the 9/11 MemorialO God of love, compassion, and healing,look on us, people of many different faithsand religious traditions,who gather today on this hallowed ground,the scene of unspeakable violence and pain. We ask you in ... Read More »

Homily from June 21, 2015

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 6/24/15

 Homily, June 21 2015

So, suppose you’re at the check-out at the supermarket

and you look up and see that the guy bagging your groceries

is none other than - Pope Francis.

- and he’s asking you, “Paper or plastic?”

Which would you choose?


Well, we found out ... Read More »

Christmas Homily 2014

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/24/14

Christmas Eve 2014 Homily


A few years ago you may remember a protest movement called

Occupy Wall Street; there was also Occupy Seattle; Occupy Boston; Occupy London; Occupy Sao Paulo… Whatever your political take on this movement, it’s likely that the verb OCCUPY is a word you’ll remember ... Read More »

The Living Manger

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/22/14

Today, the sheep and the goats arrived in our living manger.  Many thanks to the folks who helped to organize the visit of our animal friends to our manger scene.  Also, many thanks to all of the families who have volunteered to help feed, water, and clean up the ... Read More »

The Fourth Sunday of Advent-HELP NEEDED!

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/16/14

This coming weekend, the Fourth Sunday of Advent, our parish community will be commissioning all of our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist at all of the Masses.  These dedicated men and women have been trained, and formed in their faith, and are faithful ministers of Holy Communion at our ... Read More »

Third Sunday of Advent/Collection for Retired Religious

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/06/14

On the Third Sunday of Advent, each year, we do something special in the life of St. Anselm parish....we take up a special collection.  You know that as part of our Stewardship Practices that we don't usually take up second or "special" collections.  However, each year we have a ... Read More »

Stewardship Homily

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 11/17/14

We last heard this parable in November of 2011.So each of us has had three years to consider its simple message:God gives, we receive, God watches --to see what we do with what we’ve been given.(And woe to those who fail to work with what they’ve received:only weeping and ... Read More »

Homily for 29th Sunday of Ordinal Time Oct. 19 2014

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 10/21/14

Some important questions are raised in today's liturgy:

To whom shall we pledge our allegiance? To Caesar, to the state? Or to God, to our faith? The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus, to get him to say something that he’d later regret. But Jesus didn’t fall for it ... Read More »

FDLC National Meeting 2014

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 10/06/14

Last week, I was in Chicago for the annual National Meeting of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions.  This year's topic was a consultation on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.  The FDLC, in conjunction with the Bishop's Committee on Divine Worship of the NCCB, was asked to ... Read More »

Get ready for next Saturday!

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 9/07/14

Next Saturday looks like this:


5:30 PM  Mass

6:30 PM  Parish Potluck Supper

8:30 PM  Bonfire Mass

Folks are welcome to campout on the parish grounds overnight.