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Why Catholics and Jews dominate at the Supreme Court

There are a few reasons that the Supreme Court is now dominated by religious minorities.

Deacons’ ministry of presence will be in forefront at upcoming congress

More than 1,300 deacons, along with their wives and children, are expected to attend the 2018 National Diaconate Congress in New Orleans July 22-26. There are 18,000 deacons in ministry in the United States, and about 30,000 serve the Church worldwide.

As study claims benefits to porn, atheist author raises questions on methodology

A survey claiming positive effects of pornography has many flaws in its methodology.

A good Catholic proclaims the Gospel, Pope Francis says

By virtue of their Baptism, every Catholic is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ – a mission which cannot be separated from the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said Sunday.

If it is broke, fix it: Ideas on reshaping U.S. immigration policy

The U.S. bishops in 2003 published a pastoral letter, "Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope," which listed principles of reforming U.S. immigration policy. But 15 years later, how do those principles translate into concrete legislative proposals?