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Italy’s singing, guitar-strumming bishop makes the case for ‘Pop Theology’

While many look mockingly at Italian Bishop Antonio Staglianò's "homiletic humming," which uses popular music to convey the message of the Gospel during Mass, the massive number of people that his sermons reach on the internet shows that he may have tapped into the secular world's thirst for spirituality.

Northern Ireland Catholics disappointed Pope won’t cross border

Catholics in Northern Ireland are disappointed that Pope Francis will not cross the border when he visits Ireland for the 2018 World Meeting of Families.

Students join March for Our Lives against gun violence, in racial solidarity

Black and Latino high school students join together in racial solidarity to participate in the March for Our Lives against gun violence.

Purity is seen in how one treats oneself, others, papal preacher says

If Catholic morality in the past seemed so obsessed with preventing sexual sin that it ignored sins of injustice, today "we have gone to the opposite extreme," seemingly concerned only with how people treat others, not with how they treat the gift of their bodies, the papal preacher said.

China’s Communist Party overhaul includes religious affairs control

China's ruling Communist Party has further stepped up control over all religions, dissolving its long-standing State Administration for Religious Affairs bureau and handing its functions to the party's United Front Work Department.