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U.S. pro-lifers voice heartbreak, despair over Irish abortion vote

American pro-life leaders express heartbreak over results from Ireland's abortion referendum.

The (holy) ghost in the machine: Catholic thinkers tackle the ethics of artificial intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence and what it means for the Church is discussed by Catholic theologians.

Argentine Catholics speak out against decriminalizing abortion

Up and down Argentina, Catholic leaders and the grassroots are speaking out against a proposal to decriminalize abortion.

German priest criticized, ridiculed for headscarf protest

Bishop Gebhard Furst has criticized the manner of a protest by a priest who tied a scarf around his head during a Pentecost sermon and wore it on the altar during the duration of the May 20 service.

Court upholds decision overturning California assisted suicide

A California appeals court denied Attorney General Xavier Becerra's request for an immediate stay on a lower court ruling that overturned the state's assisted suicide law.