Communications Committee

Communications Committee

This committee promotes communications both within and beyond our parish community. It establishes and maintains lines of communication between the pastor, parish office, parish council and parish membership.

In 2019 we started live-streaming the monthly climate talks using a simple Iphone. That has evolved into a proper streaming production of our weekly Saturday Mass due to the Covid Pandemic. If any group wants assistance reaching their members digitally during this distanced time, please reach out to our team and we will work with you.

The committee publishes to the parish website. Social media channels are also maintained as an important way to keep parishioners and the community informed about our parish and its activities.  Some parishioners assist with maintaining the bulletin boards, preparing parish mailings and stuffing bulletins with current flyers are additional functions. We want to help all Parish groups and committees get their information out to the parishoners.

Photographs and videos are taken of parish events to form a parish history. We can always use good photos or videos of parish events!  Can you help? 

We're on social media channels Facebook (Church of St. Anselm) and Instagram (@churchofstanselm). And we have an App!!

How do I get notifcations for our Parish App? Provided you have the App installed on your phone, simply click Here and set your settings accordingly.

Do you "Like" us on Facebook? Really, go to Church of St. Anselm and hit the "Like" button. It's easy. But that's not enough. You must enable notifications. On your phone, follow the same instructions for the app, but do it for facebook. On your computer, click on the right and go into "Notifications" and set yourself up. 

If you are interested in participating in this committee or contributing to some aspect of our ministry, please contact the committee chair at communications@stanselm.com, or talk to Fr. Gene in the Office.