Human Concerns Social Justice


The mission of our committee is two-fold: (1) to provide assistance and care for the needs of the more vulnerable people in our parish and local community and (2) to identify, publicize, and educate the parish on current social justice issues.  In all of our activities we follow certain key principles of Catholic social justice.


  1. The dignity of Each Person

Belief in the inherent dignity of the human person is the foundation of all Catholic social teaching. We are made in the image and likeness of God and must be the starting point of a moral vision for society.

  1. The Common Good and Community

We have a responsibility to participate in organizing our society, in law, policy, economics and politics because of the direct effect on human dignity and the rights of individuals.  We must protect human life and dignity and promote the common good.

  1. Rights and Responsibilities

We have not only the right but the responsibility to participate in politics out of concern and commitment to the good of the community. We have a duty to keep informed about issues of the day and to vote to protect the common good.

  1. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

The Bible teaches us to put the needs of the poor first.  Jesus showed us the way. This is the true test of our Christianity: how we treat those living in poverty.

  1. Stewardship of God’s Creation

God gave human beings the task of caring for and nurturing all of creation. All people have an equal right to breathe clean air and drink clean water. In his Encyclical, Laudato Si, On Care for our Common Home, Pope Francis calls all people of the world to take “swift and global action” to stop the environmental destruction of our planet which has a disproportionate effect on those living on the margins of society.  Concern for creations is inseparable from concern for justice.

  1. Promotion of Peace

There is a close relationship in Catholic teaching between peace and justice.  Peace is the “fruit of justice and is dependent on the right order among human beings.