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Advent 2020

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 11/29/20

Thanksgiving 2020 is history and here we are now, some of us with turkey and cranberry still on our breath, facing the First Sunday of Advent this weekend... The change in colors and an Advent wreath will remind us that we’re entering a new season on the church calendar.But I’m wondering about ... Read More »

A Prayer for Lent 2020

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 3/27/20

As I follow the news these daysI can't help but think:     If we ever needed you before, Lord,         - we sure do need you now!We need you in our hearts, Lord,when we're anxious, unsure and afraid- and right now that's a good deal of the time...We need you in our ... Read More »

Transfiguration - a homily for 2nd Sunday of Lent 2020

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 3/08/20

Jesus was TRANSFIGURED before Peter, James and John.Anybody here need a transfiguration?I could use one. Would any one of us turn down an offerto hike up to the top of a mountainand spend some time there alone with Jesus?• Isn’t there something happening (or something not happening)in your life and in ... Read More »

Homily for Feb 23 2020

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 2/23/20

In your heart of hearts, have you ever had the thought that maybe, just maybe, God asks too much of us? that God is actually sort of unreasonable in what he expects of us?   The scriptures we just heard might prompt us to have just those thoughts. These ... Read More »

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Advent 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/08/19

So, what do you think you’re getting for Christmas this year?--  not what you’re getting for others -- but on Christmas morning, what do you think you might find under the tree, tagged for you? Maybe you won’t have a tree. Perhaps you no longer exchange gifts with others or ... Read More »

A Prayer for the Beginning of Advent 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/02/19

In the crazy rush of Christmas all around me...    help me prepare a way for you, Lord...Help me remember that Christmas is your birthday,    that I need to find gifts fitting to offer you...Help me remember the poverty of your nativity, Lord:   make your way into my wallet and help me ... Read More »

Homily for Christ the King 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 11/24/19

I know folks are already talking about Christmas but I haven’t heard any conversations ramping up to this day’s celebration of the Christ the King. Of course, we’re celebrating one in the same Lord,one in the same King: won’t be long before we’ll be singing, “Hark, the herald angels sing,  ... Read More »

Street Litany for the Murdered: For the beloved of El Paso and Dayton

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 8/04/19

Response: SAVE US O GOD


From the brutality of murder and violence...

From the hardship of poverty and loss...

From the addiction of drugs and alcohol...


From the fear of isolation and hardship...

From the evil of war and hatred...

From the corruption of sin and darkness...


From the terror of gunshots and ... Read More »

Homily for 6th Sunday of Easter 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 5/26/19

Homily for 6th Sunday of Easter 2019

In these politically testy times there are certain topics preachers are warned to avoid. I know I am not supposed to support any candidate by name from the pulpit, not supposed to espouse explicitly any partisan position during the homily, and the ... Read More »

A Prayer for Memorial Day 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 5/26/19

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A prayer for Memorial Day weekendIn the quiet sanctuaries of our own hearts,let each of us name and call on the One whose power over usis great and gentle, firm and forgiving, holy and healing...You who created us,who sustain us,who call us to live in peace,hear our ... Read More »