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Indianapolis Black Catholic parish recognized for historical, cultural impact

St. Rita's unique contributions start with its founding in 1919 as the first designated Black Catholic parish in Indiana. "Nationally recognized architectural and artistic significance" can now be added to the list.

Religious leaders welcome planned Canada talks over deadly Cameroon conflict

Religious leaders in Cameroon have welcomed the announcement of a planned dialogue between the government and separatists, aimed at resolving a protracted conflict. But a later statement has also dampened expectations.

Brazilian church provides aid to the Yanomami, calls for justice after 'genocide'

The severe health care and hunger crisis affecting the Yanomami indigenous people in Brazil prompted church leaders to coordinate help and work with government agencies and indigenous organizations to provide food and medical attention to the sick.

Biden’s State of the Union speech was strongest on economic issues

Joe Biden’s economic policies are the most progressive we have seen in decades–and the most consistent with Catholic social teaching, says columnist Michael Sean Winters. They were highlighted in the State of the Union speech.

Blessed are the pure of heart

Pencil Preaching for Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Shock, despair and mourning in Aleppo amid 'terror' of the earthquake, local bishops say

It seemed that 12 years of a bloody war should have been enough tragedy for the people of Aleppo and other Syrian cities. But in the early hours of Feb. 6, a devastating earthquake struck northwestern Syria, killing 1,500 as of 5 a.m. Eastern on Feb. 7.

Spain's Catholic Church 'soul-searching' after 3 years under progressive government

Spain's Catholic bishops criticize the country's far-left government for their agenda, which they say is "marked by individualism, gender ideology and the absence of God." 

'An edifice of lies': How climate denial and religion kickstarted Alberta's oilsands

The new book, 'The Petroleum Papers: Inside The Far Right Conspiracy To Cover Up Climate Change,' traces the oil and gas industry's pursuit of profits in the face of scientific warnings.

Don't skip to Catholicism's answers: First teach youth to ask philosophical questions

Teaching young people what to believe rather than teaching them how to think about life and to arrive at the conclusions themselves usually has the reverse of the intended effect, argues Stephen Adubato.

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: Francis is worn out from his latest papal trip.