Easter 2019

Apr 27, 2019

Easter Vigil

It doesn't seem possible, Lord,
that just a week ago this morning
I was in church with some good friends,
preparing the sanctuary for the Easter Vigil...

A fire needed to be prepared,
the font needed to be washed and filled,
the new Paschal Candle was unpacked
and adorned with wax rosettes,
signs of Christ's holy wounds...

Lilies were arranged,
the Sacred Chrism set out
and bread and wine prepared
for the feast of victory for our God!

Just a week ago tonight
we lit the new fire,
greeted the Paschal Candle, the Light of Christ,
and feasted first on Israel's scriptures
and then on the word of the new law...

With joyful song, the Alleluia banner
was once again unfurled and shown the gathered worshipers,
all prelude to the story of the women who came to the tomb
and left in haste to tell their brothers the good news:
Jesus had risen from the dead...

And then at fonts around the world
men and women were born again in baptism
and brothers and sisters welcomed to full Communion 
and we made room for them at your table, Lord,
that they might share with us in the Eucharist,
the sacrifice of your love shared with us now
in the Bread and Cup of your Table...

All just a week ago, Lord!

Keep fresh in my mind and heart, Lord,
keep alive in my prayer and my soul
my memories of Easter 2019
and the joy that that comes in confessing 
that you have been raised up,
that you live among us in the power of your Spirit,
that you are Lord of our lives
every day of the year... 

Risen Jesus,
we hold your dying and rising
deep in our hearts: 
living, now we remain with you,
our Brother, our Savior,
our Lord and Redeemer...