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Ruing past boarding-school abuses, US Catholic bishops approve new outreach to Native Americans

U.S. bishops approved new guidelines for ministering to Indigenous Catholics, a long in-the-works effort to reinvigorate the ministry and assure those communities that they don't need to feel torn between their Native identity and their Catholic one.

Pope swaps jokes with Colbert, Fallon and other comedy stars at Vatican

105 comedians from around the world  traveled to the Vatican for a papal audience and to "establish a link between the Catholic Church and comic artists," according to the Dicastery for Culture and Education, which organized the meeting.

Behind closed doors, overwhelming support for the bishops' anti-poverty program

Several bishops told NCR columnist Michael Sean Winters that in the executive session where the Catholic Campaign for Human Development was discussed, the support for the program was overwhelming.

Pope to G7: AI a 'cognitive-industrial revolution' that could threaten human dignity

Artificial intelligence (or "AI"), said the pope to the "Group of Seven" leaders, is both "an exciting and fearsome tool" where the "benefits or harm it will bring will depend on its use."

This story of '60s Catholic social justice still has power decades later

When I served as dramaturg for the Los Angeles-based Center Theatre Group's reading of "The Trial of the Catonsville Nine" by Fr. Daniel Berrigan, I didn't expect how profound the experience would be for my Catholicism.

Artist's work invites exhibit viewers to 'Come to the Light'

Janet Hennessey Dilenschneider's exhibit "Come to the Light" offers art lovers a chance to respond, reflect and recharge — all derived from the power and embrace of light in a collection of 21 oil paintings.

Your letters: synod synthesis, Palestine coverage, pace of reform

Letters to the editor: NCR readers respond to articles about the U.S National Synthesis, Palestine, and priests who prescribe patience. 

Vatican ambassador supports bishops' plans for eucharistic revival

Updated: In his opening address to the U.S. bishops' spring assembly, Cardinal Christophe Pierre told them that Pope Francis shared their desire that Catholics in the United States "rediscover the power of the Eucharist."

Ecumenism and papal primacy: Vatican releases status report on dialogues

The reason why the 2024 edition of the Vatican yearbook has re-inserted "Patriarch of the West" as one of the historical titles of the pope appears to be a response to concerns expressed by Orthodox leaders and theologians.

Christians are called to be friends of the poor, pope says in message

The poor bear the image of Jesus, and Christians must offer them support and expressions of Christian charity, Pope Francis said.