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Easter 2019

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 4/27/19

It doesn't seem possible, Lord, that just a week ago this morning I was in church with some good friends, preparing the sanctuary for the Easter Vigil... A fire needed to be prepared, the font needed to be washed and filled, the new Paschal Candle was unpacked and ... Read More »

Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/30/18

It seems to me that this Feast of the Holy Family could not be more exquisitely positioned on the calendar: just after Christmas which tends to bring out both the best and the worst in our family experience and just before New Year’s - the time for making resolutions, a moment to examine ... Read More »

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent 2018

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 12/23/18

Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent Two challenges face every preacher just at this time of year.   The first challenge is to carefully dig through all the Christmas hoopla  (that has nothing to do with celebrating the birth of Jesus) without turning off all of those (including ... Read More »

A prayer for a divided nation

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 10/01/18

This past weekend, at the Masses for the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, I shared a prayer composed by a friend in light of the events of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.  Many people have asked for a hard copy of the prayer.  This is the best I can ... Read More »

Fr Gene's homily in light of the Abuse Revelations

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 8/19/18

Homily for August 20th, 2018


Each year many parishes sponsor a summertime religious education program known as Vacation Bible School.  It’s usually a two-week program, and each year has a different theme.  One year, it was EXPLORING.  Another it was TRAVELLING to find Jesus.  This year the theme ... Read More »

Homily for 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 2018

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 8/02/18

Think about this for a minute: of all the people in the history of humankind, is there a person you wish you might have been? Well, I could name several people I wish I might have been but certainly in the top ten would be this little boy with ... Read More »

Homily for 6th Sunday of Easter With First Communions

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 5/05/18

Boys and girls: I know you all have friends and maybe some of you have best friends. I’m wondering: how do you stay friends with your friend?   Let’s say my best friend’s name is Bill: how would I stay friends with Bill?• Well, of course I’d hang out ... Read More »

Homily for Saint Anselm Feast

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 4/21/18

We gather today on the Feast of Saint Anselm, April 21st.  It’s pretty rare that our parish feast day falls on a weekend, but here we are.  There aren’t a lot of stories about the actual St. Anselm, most of what we know about him are contained in some ... Read More »

Fr Gene's Homily for March 11, 2018

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 3/11/18

Homily for 4th Sunday of Lent, 2018

Many folks believe that our faith teaches that God is good, the world is bad - and that to love God we have to learn to hate the world. It’s an interesting proposition -- but it isn’t Christian. And, there are many ... Read More »

Sunday January 14 2018

Posted by Fr. Eugene Vavrick on 1/14/18

Homily for January 14, 2018

  2nd Sunday of Ordinal Time


Have you ever noticed, when you’re out shopping,

when you go to a register to pay for your purchases,

have you noticed how often now the clerk asks you the question,

 “Did you find everything you were ... Read More »